Film and TV Scores

Kevin Spencer Kendrick is a trained film composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist known for making striking, memorable film scores and title musics using a mix of old analogue equipment and modern atmospherics.

Chromphobia photo.jpg

Chromophobia (2019) is a short horror film directed by Keith Adams and based on a short story by Brian Evenson. The original score by Kevin Spencer Kendrick features ‘70s tape delay, rock drums, and a melodic theme mixed with modern sound design elements to make a score that is as much The Exorcist or Phantasm as it is Session 9.

Dashboard pic.jpg

Paradise by The Dashboard Light (2016) is a TV Movie written by Gary O. Bennett and produced by Stonestreet Studios, starring Francesca Real (Stranger Things) that is being developed into a series about human like droids from a mysterious lab in New Mexico dropped into New York City. The original score and title song by Mr. Kendrick mixes synths with tremolo guitar for a sound that is both sci-fi and southwestern desert.

Videola Photo.jpg

Videola (2016) is a TV movie starring Sean Young (Bladerunner, Dune) currently distributed worldwide and available on Amazon Prime. The original score and title music by Kevin Spencer Kendrick melds acoustic vibraphone (for a Twin Peaks feel) with vintage keyboards and electric guitars for harder edge when needed. It won “Best TV Pilot” at The Hoboken Film Festival.

Nowhere Girl photo.jpg

Nowhere Girl (2017) is a streaming pilot directed by Chris Naomi Lee and Alyssa Rallo Bennett and written by Gary O. Bennett. It is set in Venice Beach and a genre mix of mystery and comedy. For the score Mr. Kendrick used ‘60s surf rock elements and Afro-Beat mixed with modern sound design.

Let it Go photo.jpg

Let it Go (2017) is a video drama written and directed by Ashlin Halfnight, and featuring an original score by Kevin Spencer Kendrick.

A Short History of Decay Photo.jpg

A Short History of Decay (2014) is a film starring Bryan Greenberg (One Tree Hill) and Linda Lavin (Alice, The Good Wife) written and directed by Michael Maren and produced by Milos Forman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Man on the Moon). It prominently features a song Kevin Spencer Kendrick wrote and performed with his band A Big Yes and a small no, “REsolve”, during a pivotal scene.

Uber Pool Photo.jpg

Uber Pool (2017) is a short film written by Gary O. Bennett and directed by Alyssa Bennett. It features title and credit music by Kevin Spencer Kendrick.

Expose picture.jpg

“Blame Somebody Else” (2006) is an episode of Expose: America’s Investigative Reports, a 30 minute T.V. documentary shown on PBS. It won an Emmy for News and Documentary and features an original score by Kevin Spencer Kendrick.

The Hawk is Dying Photo.jpg

The Hawk is Dying (2006) is a feature directed by Julian Goldberger and stars Paul Giamatti, Michelle Williams, and Michael Pitt. The original score by Jon Goldberger features Kevin Spencer Kendrick as a performing musician. It debuted at The Cannes Film and won the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at the Brazil International Film Festival.

Trans Photo 2.jpg

Trans (1999) is a film written and directed by Julian Goldberger, and features an original score by Fat Mama and her Transworld Orchestra (including Kevin Spencer Kendrick). It won “Reader’s Jury Prize for Best Film” at The Berlin Film Festival.