Film and tv work

Kevin Spencer Kendrick is a trained film composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist known for making striking and hip film scores and title musics using a perfect blend of old analog equipment and modern atmospherics.



Chromophobia (2019)

A 2019 Horror Short written and directed by Keith Adams based on a short story by Brian Evenson featuring an all original score, title, credit music, and sound design by Kevin Spencer Kendrick.


Nowhere Girl (2017)

     2017 TV Movie produced by Stonestreet Studios, NYC with an all original score, title, and credit music by Kevin Spencer Kendrick.


Videola (2016)

     Videola is a feature length 2016 TV Movie starring Sean Young (Blade Runner) that won "Best TV Pilot" at the Hoboken Film Festival.  It is directed by Alyssa Bennett, written by Gary O. Bennett, with original score. title, and credit music  by Kevin Spencer Kendrick.

Paradise picture.jpg

Paradise by the Dashboard Light (2016)

     A 2016 TV Movie (43 minute run-time) written by Gary O. Bennett, directed by Alyssa Bennett, with an original score, title, and credit music by Kevin Spencer Kendrick.

Expose picture.jpg

ExposE: AMERICA'S INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS  "Blame Somebody Else" (2007)

     A PBS documentary TV series beginning in 2006 and highlighting major breaking news stories and the reporters who broke them.  Original score by Kevin Spencer Kendrick.  This episode won a News and Documentary Emmy in 2007 for "Outstanding Story in a News Magazine"




     An award-winning feature-length film produced by the legendary Milos Forman (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest) and directed by Michael Maren.  The soundtrack includes an original song by Kevin Kendrick that is featured during one of the most pivotal scenes in the movie.

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Showville (2011)

     A 40 Minute short film directed by Paul Ceriello and Jason Carter featuring a soundtrack of all original music by Kevin Kendrick.


Trans (1998)

Critically acclaimed and award-winning feature written and directed by Julian Goldberger with an original score by Fat Mama (featuring Kevin Spencer Kendrick).